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Its has been a nice day. Spent the afternoon with my sister Debbie We watched The rifleman, then The Beverly Hill Billies, Then came Leave it to Beaver, Then The Brady Bunch, Then Happy Days. all topped off with good ol fashion Stuffed Sopapillas. Thank you lord. please watch over  my sister Jeanette she needs you…..


 Well I now live in Albuquerque. It’s been a hard time going since I left Colorado. I think it was in my best interest. I now stay at AOC but I hope to be moving soon. I have an appointment wit behavioral health here Abq. I’ll know more then. I wish everyone A Happy Thanksgiving & a Joyous Holiday Season!


Stood in my room all weekend Had to call Mrs Espinoza. I’m tired of all the disrespect and false scene of friendship..


Up and Adam here at Johnson house. On deck last night was Millisa and she has been great.. She has nice to me even though she has been told not to be.  On deck for this morning is Sargent Megan… I refer to Megasn as a Sargent because of the way she acts towards the clients here at Johnson house. She when angry puts here hands backward on here hips and attacks aggressively with her loud voice. Very intimidating. I right away put a stop to her actions towards me. Also on deck is Mrs Valdez. She is nice and professional. I just hope she remains fair and objective, but most of all does not take sides.

Oh no as I write this Glenn came out of his room went straight over to Johnny Rodriguez and threatened him.. Telling him if he was to try and grab any of the girls he would slap him silly.Johnny was not doing anything but sitting there minding his own business. Mrs. Valdez told Glenn tobehave,but did nothing to prevent Glenn from doing it again.

Got to admiut what ever Mrs Megan is making for breakfast sure smells good. Today after she serves me I’m gonna see if she responds to my thank you for breakfast with a dirty look.😯 stay tuned more to come

Mrs Valdez turned her back then Glenn called Johnny A motherfucker. I just got back from visiting Mr. Pacheco. He showed me around his nice beautiful home. I now see that Falisha just showed up. I am sitting here right next to David J. He’s so cool calm and quite. I feel at ease writing my blog.

I went to my YouTube channel and seen that Steele Johnson left me a message. Steele Johnson is 23  year old swimmer from Indiana, who is gonna compete in the Olympics. Yesterday he appeared on the Today show .



Well yesterday I got the police called on me and all they did was tell me to ignore Glenn and Ramona.George is in the kitchen saying the dishes. I could not sleep because I’m worried about whee I’m gonna stay in the near future. Robert Elkins just walked in and David Jauchen just sat down to talk to me. He has told me of the bad treatment that Ramona has also felt towards him. Mr Aaron Medina just walled in and let Ramona borrow the vacuum. Like I mentioned the other day I have never seen Ramona act the way she has for the last couple of days. Yesterday when I walked into the kitchen she told Mrs. Valdez that she needed to go to her room because I made her nauseous. The police just told me to ignore them and report each incident to the staff.I just don’t feel its nice to call anybody filfthy names and get away with it.😀 stay tuned more to come

Know find myself lookin for another place to live.


It’s a beautiful  day. I’ve been here at Johnson house since November and I have never seen Ramona act the way she has been the last couple of days. Yesterday Ernie Maes decided to start calling me dirty names, so I told George and he put a stop to it. Also Glenn has decided to continue acting like a little kid. Charles is trying to get Johnny ready for court and getting breakfast ready.Stay tuned more to come…

I just got up to check to see what was for lunch.when I turned around to go back to my room Glenn shouted at me saying that I was out of here. Mrs Valdez right away got involved and instead of of defusing the situation made it worse.Glenn has been going around telling everyone. Of my sex offender status. So that everyone turns against me.Paul the owner just walked in now and I fear for my future once again. After lunch even Falisha has tried to get rid of me. I now know she is probably behind this…I really want to call the police, but am afraid.

After lunch I went and borrowed the house phone so I can arrange for my transportation’s. I just guess I need to go somewhere else.

Please god if your there hear me, I need you to carry me again.




This morning I got up at 7 and chatted with George till 8:30 am when breakfast was  served. CHARLES made scrambled eggs and bacon. I did not care for the eggs too much … Michel gave me her bacon too. She did not eat her eggs either. Ernie just sat down. This morn he walked in and asked me the time then turned around and said no sir. So I responded why did you ask then if your not gonna believe me…. He got up and walked away… Stay tuned for more Charles is over there getting into the appointments now even though I think he was hired to clean in which he is not doing, but instead trying to get out of…….Stay tuned



Got up at 7:00 am because of heart burn. I took a shower then came into the kitchen to find Megan and Mike setting up I asked Mike for something for heart burn but as usual he stuck to his guns and only gives me what’s on my list of Meds. As for Megan I’m gonna follow her around today to see and keep track on how she spends her day at JohnsOn House. Right now she’s making toast.
Now it’s 8:00am I’m sitting next to Ernie Maes the house pent ( lol ). When staff asks him to do something he jumps at the offer. We are Gina welcome back Carter. Aaron Medina just went by but he didn’t tell me good morning. Now it’s time for Gilligan’s Island. It’s 9:37 and Megan’s still walking around like she’s doing something but not really doing anything. I’m sitting on the couch with Mike watching Mike and Molly.



BB7Upr2He will be remembered


Rise and shine world its another day at Johnsan House. I’ve been up since 3:00 am and  finishedvthecMerlin series. It was sad when King Arther. I decided to come and watch Charles take his nasty time making breakfast, he’s the gay guy who threatened to poison me. He has very long hair and nearer wears a Hair net. Very rude and arrogant ashore.He even wears those girly blouses like all the girls wear.
Today it seems we are having eggs and bacon.
When I got up this morning I stepped in a pile of shot in front of the TV. It was nasty. More to come star tuned
Well it’s 11:00 am and I got up to see what’s going on at Johnson House. I’m sitting in the living room and looking into the kitchen. Justin aka Roxey with red hair standing next to Mike G. CHARLES IS already starting lunch ,but has not cleaned the bathroom yet. He or Megan have not cleaned it in the last week. Ron’s room is also getting skipped. Mitchell is over there now to expressing herself.For the record I did ask Charles to help me with my room. I think the boys Alan and Paul should have a check list that should be signed by the staff as they complete there duties instead of sitting around smoking cigarette and surfing Facebook. More to come….